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Slicer All-Season Sled
Slicer All-Season Sled - Sled in the Summer too!
List Price: $90.00
Sale Price: $84.99


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Detailed Description

Slicer All-Season Sled

NO SNOW? NO PROBLEM!! Portable ice blocks on the bottom of this sled will send you sailing down any hill - grass or snow. Just fill, freeze and slide!

The Slicer is an innovative, all-season sled that works both on snow and grass.  It works like any normal sled that is placed on a slope that is covered with snow or ice.  But, it also slides down grass covered slopes because instead of putting the Slicer on the snow or ice, ice is put on the bottom of the Slicer!

Inside the Slicer's hollow, double-walled construction are two patent pending Icers that can be removed (from within the inside of the sled) and then used to freeze and form thin ice blocks that can then be easily attached to the bottom of the Slicer.  When outdoor temperatures are above freezing, the melting ice provides for a very slippery surface, providing winter sledding fun in the summer!

The Slicer does not take a back seat to other sleds, either, when used in the winter on snow.  Its smooth contoured shape and low profile runners enable it to work well on packed snow as well as deep powder.  Owing to its double-walled, unibody design, the Slicer is able to absorb bumps while cushioning riders weighing up to 200 lbs.  And its rugged polyethylene plastic design makes it less than the cost of many snow-only sleds.

The amount of time the Icers will last varies according to temperature, humidity, and use.  The included Icers can provide up to an hour of sledding enjoyment when the outside temperature and humidity are moderate.  To extend your sledding fun during warm summer months, additional Icers are available. 

Size and Weight

  • 38" x 20.3" x 6.3"  
  • Weight without icers - 7.6 lbs
  • Weight with icers - 21.5 lbs
  • Weight capacity - 200 lbs

Usually ships within 48 hours (contingent on stock availability).


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