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Snow Games

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Snow Games

Snow GamesOne of the best things about winter is the snow. And one of the best things about snow is the fun and games that it allows. Below are some common games, as well as other activities, that can make snow days seem as fun—or possible more fun—as a summer day.

Some very fun games that can be played in the snow are simply variations on games that are normally played on dry ground. This includes such games as tag, duck-duck-goose, red rover, and more. All of these games can be played exactly as they normally would be, but there is the added twist of the snow. This makes these games more interesting for several reasons. The snow makes running much more difficult, and the risk of falling (without pain) is much higher than normal. This added element can make any game more fun in the snow.

Other games that are fun to play in the snow are traditional sports. This can include football (normally tackling would be a lot more painful than it is in the snow), hockey (since this can be played on ice, it is better in the winter than any other time of year), and more. Whatever sport you may be interested in playing, doing it in the snow can be very fun for kids and adults alike.

Other things that are fun to play in the snow are games that are impossible to play at any other time. Building a snowman can be a fun thing to do, especially if there is a contest for making a snowman the biggest, fastest, etc. Snowball fights are a fun game that can only be played with snow as well. Creating teams or playing individually can be equally as fun. Making snow angels can also be a blast for kids. While this isn’t really a game, you can make it seem like one by making as many as possible in a short period of time. Sledding, snowboarding, and more are also fun things to do on a snowy day.

Another fun thing about snow is the tracks that are made when you walk. Since this normally wouldn’t be the case, there are some games that you can only play when it snows. One example of this type of game is fox hunting. This game works best when played by a group. At the beginning of the game two kids are chosen to represent the foxes. The rest of the group goes off in different directions, and the foxes take off after a few minutes. The foxes have a goal of not getting caught by any of the other players. They must avoid all human snow tracks, and try to not make any of their own. They can walk in others’ tracks, walk along items on the ground, and more. Once the foxes have both been caught, the group gets back together and picks new foxes to start all over.

As you can see, there are many fun games that can be played in the snow. Enjoy this winter by implementing as many as you want to have a ball and avoid cabin fever.

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