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Clothes for Sledding

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Clothes for Sledding

Clothes for SleddingWhen you will be going snow sledding, you run the risk of becoming so cold that it interfered with your fun. This can be avoided, however, as long as you dress properly. If you will be sledding, you should be prepared for extreme weather conditions. The exact weather that allows you to go sledding in the first place can also make it a miserable experience if you aren’t properly dressed.

Not only do the best clothes for sledding provide added warmth, they can help keep you safe in the event of a collision or other accident. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that you have the best experience while sledding.

Wear Layers—while it may seem hot while you are putting them on, it won’t feel that way as soon as you step outside. The first layer should include long underwear (the shirt and pants often referred to as “long johns”). You should then put on a layer of long-sleeved shirts and pants, followed by a sweater or sweatshirt. The outer layer of clothes should consist of ski or snow pants, as well as a jacket or coat. If you are worried about getting hot, you can always remove layers while you are out, but it is best to have too many clothes than to not have enough.

Focus on materials—you may believe that cotton is best for warmth, and this is often true. But, in the case of getting snow on your clothes, cotton is not usually the best choice. This is because cotton holds moisture when wet, and snow can get your clothes wet easily. If you wear cotton, you may find yourself cold and wet for most of the day. Instead, you should opt for clothing made with synthetic polyester or polypropylene materials. If you are wearing a sweater, you can choose a material such as fleece to stay warm and dry longer than traditional cotton allows. For your outer layer of clothes, you should try to find pieces that are water and wind resistant.

Boots—the boots are one of the most important parts of playing in the snow, and can make the difference between a miserably cold and wet experience and a warm and dry good time. Be sure the boots you wear are specifically designed to be worn in the snow. These should have rubber at least up to the ankle, and they should be warm and fuzzy inside. When combined with the proper ski pants, your feet can stay warm and dry all day.

Hats and Gloves—these are some of the most important parts of playing in the snow. Gloves that are made for snow days are best. They are often warmer inside while preventing your hands from getting wet. Other types of gloves aren’t made for this type of exposure. For a hat, you can choose a beanie or any other type of hat that will keep your head warm. If you don’t have a hat that covers your ears, you may want to get a scarf or earmuffs. Either of these (or both) can help you stay warm and enjoy the day for longer.

Sunscreen—most people forget to apply sunblock when it’s wintertime. But, it is even more important now because the sun reflects off the snow, giving you a double-dose of the damaging rays. Apply sunblock just as you would for playing in a pool on a hot summer day.

By following the above guidelines when purchasing gear for snowboarding, you will ensure that you will stay warm and dry all day. This can make the experience a lot more fun and memorable for everyone!

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