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Wooden Sleds

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Wooden Sleds

Wooden SledsIn Europe, sledding is commonly known as tobogganing, and coasting in some regions of the world. Wooden sleds have been used throughout history for expeditions, transporting items over ice and snow, fun recreation and for sports competitions.

In the early 19th and 20th century, British explorers used wooden sleds for their expeditions the Arctic regions. These historic wooden sleds were sometimes hauled by men, sometimes by dog teams. The first version of wooden sleds with runners in America appeared after 1870. Sleds were common in high-traffic streets as well as much as any hilly farm. Nowadays, sledding is not a form of transportation that people use in the street, and laws have generally prohibited sleds from the highways. Wooden sleds are restricted to open hills and artificial chutes and inclines.

Today, with the large variety of sleds available for kids, adults and whole families, it can be difficult to simply choose one! Wooden sleds are now considered to be the classic choice; many people opt for metal or plastic. But if you are fond of wooden sleds, there are plenty of great styles that provide both a sleek and stylish ride down the slopes!

  • Here are some facts and safety tips to keep in mind when looking for wooden sleds:
  • Avoid wooden sleds with sharp edges. The smoother the ride, the better!
  • The riders of wooden sleds with metal rails will need to use caution. Metal rails pose risk of danger in that they can cause serious injury when people are hit or run over.
  • If you will be pulling the kids back up the hill, an attached rope is a convenient attribute!
  • Well-designed sleds will have handles for young children and other riders.
  • Babies and other young ones are safer with wooden sleds that have back rests.
  • Always check the screws and bolts and make sure everything is tightened securely.
  • Sleds come in many differing lengths. The shortest ones are usually about 42 inches long, perfect for a small child. The biggest design of wooden sleds developed by Flexible Flyer was 8 ½ feet, long enough to fit a whole family!
  • Wooden sleds as a general rule will be more costly than plastic models. Expect to pay at least $50 for a safe ride.
  • Wooden sleds are not only fun downhill-coasting vehicles, but they make excellent decorations for the corner of the living room or out on the porch in winter.

Enjoy the trip from top to bottom! Wooden sleds can be extremely fast and fun, just be safe!

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