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Snowskates -
A Skateboard for the snow!

A Skateboard meets a Snowboard - now you can experience skateboarding without wheels and snowboarding without bindings!

A snowsk8 (snowskate) is a board slightly wider and longer than a skateboard. The boards have a channeled base for stability and tracking, a foam topsheet for grip, and can be made out of wood or plastic. They are a hybrid of a snowboard and a skateboard; an experience similar to what you would imagine skateboarding on the snow without wheels would be like. Snowskates do not have bindings or require boots. However, a waterproof pair of shoes and a helmet is recommended.

It all began in 1994 when fearless, professional snowboarder, Andy Wolf struck an idea. Andy put his love for skateboarding and snowboarding together and created the visualization for the worlds first ever snowskate. His idea would eventually amount to a bindingless board slightly wider and longer than a skateboard with channels on the base for stability.
His visualization turned into a reality in 1999 when the company formed and placed its first order with a manufacturer for a modest 300 snowskates. That year sales soared to 5000, thus marking the beginning of snowskating.

With the hype sizzling, Premier continued to increase its popularity by partnering with various resorts and snowboard camps. Camps such as Mountain High, Windell's, Boarderline, and Whistler were stoked to welcome snowskating to their programs. Right from the get-go, big names in snowboarding and skateboarding took interest as well. In 2001 the all-star lineup consisted of J.P. Walker, John Cardiel, Todd Richards and Jeremy Jones, to name a few.

From day one, Premier Snowskate has been all about going out and having fun with friends. This motto is prevalent today as we look forward to introducing more people to the sport and expanding internationally. Premier will continue to lead the market by bringing the freshest ideas, newest technology, and most impressive riding to the industry.

snow skate

We are currently in the works of partnering with a few key resorts and Rye Airfield, the largest indoor Skateboard Park in North America. Rye Airfield is significant in our expansion movement, as it is the first skateboard park to ever open a Premier Snowskate Park.

If you're a novice or die-hard, we have skates for you... and there are plenty of open fields, parks, benches, and backyards for exploration.


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