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Mad River Rocket - Killer B - New Design!
List Price: $199.99
Sale Price: $185.00

Detailed Description

Mad River Rocket Killer B Classic Sled - New Design!

The design of the sled's hull makes it easy to execute sharp turns, which is essential for dodging trees on forested hillsides in Vermont and everywhere else. The plush kneepads soften landings, and the knee strap ensures that you and your sled stay together through all kinds of sled runs.

Black shell, yellow ribbed kneepads, yellow strap and red bolts. FOR MORE INFORMATION - GO TO OUR HIGH PERFORMANCE SECTION

ALL OF OUR SLEDS feature a quick release lap belt and kneepads that are designed for comfort and performance. The kneeling position allows you to see ahead, lean for balance and control steering. The plastic shells are made of a nearly indestructible material.Only meant for 3" or more of powder - not for packed snow or slopes! Need soft powder for safety and control.

Looking for original design?  Try the Limited edition -Lexan!

These sleds have no problems doing flips, barrel rolls, and 360's off of small jumps -once you are a very experience rider. You can even use the rocket as a shovel to build your jump.

Usually ships within 2 business days.


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