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Mad River Rocket SledsBUY NOW!


INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BASICS Once you are out on the hill the basics are simple:

--> Position the sled sideways to the slope, unbuckle the buckle and as you’re facing the front of the sled, (you should be facing the round Mad river rocket logo), position yourself on the foam knee pads (your knees should be on the front of the pads).

--> Once you feel comfortable, pull the knee strap over your thighs and buckle the buckle; tighten the knee strap so that it is comfortable but tight enough that the sled moves with you.

--> Practice swiveling your hips from side to side before you go down the hill so that you get an idea on how to direct the sled.

--> Now you’re ready to direct yourself down the hill and to get a good start just use your hands to push off.


CLICK HERE for larger image of Sled Capabilities Diagram

360 DEGREES OF MANEUVERABILITY AND CONTROL As you begin your descent down the hill, lean back a little, the knee strap will firmly hold you in, do not hold onto the front of the sled as that will inhibit your maneuverability and speed. Your hands should be free for rudder-like steering and balancing. If you do get going too fast for your liking just carve turns or follow the instructions for stopping.

LEFT Now you can develop your steering technique. On your descent down the hill, from the kneeling position, swivel and shift your body weight to the left at the same time extending your left hand to the snow surface for balance and to rudder. The harder you lean and the more you get up on edge the sharper the turn will be.

RIGHT To turn right you use the same technique as for turning left, swiveling and shifting your weight and ruddering to the right side of the sled.

FORWARD Riding the sled in a straight line requires that you keep your weight evenly distributed as you slide down the hill.

STOP ME! To stop the sled all you need to do is turn hard 90 degrees left or right, leaning hard on the side you want to; dig into the snow so that the sled will come to a right angle position the hill. You will find (as you lean hard into a left or right direction) just how quickly your speed will decrease and you will come to a complete stop.

MAINTENANCE Mad river rockets are constructed of a high quality material designed to withstand impact by normal use in most snow conditions. Use of the mad river rocket in conditions such as incomplete snow cover or riding over rocks and ice may cause injury and damage. If the sled does get dented the plastic has a memory that will bring it back to its original shape after spending the night in a warm house. Do not leave your mad river rocket out in the summer sun, the sun can cause discoloration to your sled.

FOR YOUR SAFETY – REVIEW THESE SAFETY POINTS BEFORE YOU TRY THE ROCKET The mad river rocket is designed for use in the kneeling position only and must be used in accordance with the above instruction. All other use may risk injury. The mad river rocket must be used on clear and open areas, clear of roads, rocks, trees and ice, etc. The mad river rocket must not be used on ice or icy surfaces of any kind. Children must be under adult supervision at all times during the use of the mad river rocket. Children should consider protective clothing such as a helmet, goggles, gloves and warm clothing. The mad river rocket should not be towed behind any vehicles. Attempting stunts, aerial tricks or jumps increase your risk of being seriously injured. Therefore use “common sense” at all times.

For 3" of powder or more, not packed trails or ski areas. For safety reasons, please do not use in less than 3" of soft powder.



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