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Winter Accessory Guide

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Winter Accessory Guide

Winter Accessory GuideWinter is a time of warmth and coziness. The frosty weather makes us want to bundle up in the softest, most luxurious fabrics. Coats and sweaters are the attire of choice for the cold weather of winter. These winter classics should ideally last for several years. So, what can we do to stay warm and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends? This is where accessories are at their greatest. This winter accessory guide will discuss how to use your accessories to spice up your wardrobe and keep you warm at the same time.

Scarves are a winter favorite for warmth and fashion. They are a great way to add the latest trend to your wardrobe. When choosing a scarf, choose something that will look flattering with your entire wardrobe and that will dress up and down equally. Of course you could go for an inexpensive scarf and purchase a few to wear on various occasions. Whichever route you choose to go, choose a scarf that feels soft and comfortable next to your face and head. You will surely use it to cover your mouth and head from time to time, when the weather is especially cold. For ultra soft luxury in a piece of the season’s hottest trends, take a look at the “Fury Black Rabbit Hoodie Scarf” by Saks Fifth Avenue. If you like fur, but cringe at the price of an authentic fur jacket, this scarf is the way to go. This hood will keep your head, ears and neck warm with its luxurious, knitted and dyed black rabbit fur. It is trimmed with soft fox fur and has an attached scarf. For added convenience and fashion the scarf ties at the neck or hangs over the shoulders. This hooded scarf is an investment well worth its $305 price tag.

The top winter accessories year after year are gloves and mittens. Your hands are the first to feel the sting of winter. Protect them with a pair of fashionable, warm and soft gloves. Whether you are looking for a rugged and sporty look to enjoy the outdoors in or a sleek and classic look for more formal occasions, there are several pairs of gloves and mittens to meet your needs. Gloves provide you with all of the maneuverability that you are accustomed to, but mittens will ultimately keep your hands warmer. Either way there are many fashionable choices in both styles. The “Mixed Media” mitten by Charter Club is one such fashionable choice. They are made of a soft acrylic, nylon combination and come in a fun multicolored design. These mittens offer fashionable warmth for a modest price of only $17.99. Charter Club also offers a matching hat and scarf for the perfect ensemble.

Of course, you’ve got to keep your head warm during the cold winter months. You can have fashion and practicality all wrapped into one with a classic hood. Look for hats that are made of soft fabrics known for retaining heat. One such hat is the “Cashmere Cable Hat” by Brookes Brothers. It is made from luxurious premium cashmere and has a classic design that you will love all winter long and into the next season. It is available in several soft, feminine colors and sells for $58.

There are many accessories that you can use in your wardrobe to add warmth and personality. This winter accessory guide has given suggestions for a few of the most necessary ones. Handbags, jewelry and hairpieces can also do much to take the blah out of bland winter clothing.

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