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Snow Sleds for Toddlers

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Snow Sleds for Toddlers

Snow Sleds for ToddlersYou may not think that a toddler is old enough to snow sled, but most toddlers are big and strong enough to be able to enjoy this fun outdoor activity. There are, however, a few things you should do to make sure that the sledding experience is the most fun and safe possible for your little one.

• Be sure the sled is the right size—there are many different types of sleds for small children. There are small versions of traditional sleds, as well as other types, such as tubes and saucers. Whatever type of sled you choose for your little one, you want to make sure that it was intended for use by a toddler.

• Be sure the sled is working properly—while it is nearly impossible for an adult to actually test a toddler sled for themselves, you can check to make sure that it is as safe as possible by looking at it. If there are any straps or ropes, be sure that they aren’t (or don’t have the potential to become) tangled up in the runners if there are any. You should check this each time your little one is about to slide down the hill.

• Allow your toddler to only sled in a safe area—small children do not need as steep of a slope as older children. Keep in mind when choosing a sledding area that the more steep the slope is, the faster it allows the sled to go. This means that you will want one that will allow your toddler to slide, but to not go too fast. You should also walk the hill before allowing your toddler to slide so that you can make sure there aren’t any large rocks or dry patches that could cause them to lose control or flip.

• Teach your toddler how to sled—you can’t expect a little child to know what to do in any sledding situation that may occur, so you will need to teach your little one how to roll off the sled sideways when necessary, etc. You will also need to explain to your toddler how to steer the sled, as well as how to stop it. While it may take your toddler a little while to actually learn this stuff, repeating it often can help them learn it more quickly. You will also need to teach your child the importance of being safe by not playing roughly while sledding. Explain to them that pushing, shoving, etc. are all against the rules and can cause them to lose their sledding privileges.

• Always supervise your toddler—no matter how good they get at sledding, you will want to be sure to watch them at all times. Anything could happen at any moment, and if you are there to rescue them or to rectify the situation as quickly as possible, it will be less likely to cause fear of future sledding.

• Be sure they dress warm—your toddler can have a good time out in the cold weather as long as you have him or her dress very warmly. This particularly applies to the head, hands and feet. Snow boots are a necessity, and gloves are as well. You will also want your toddler to wear a hat that covers the ears. These things can keep your little one warm the entire time they are sledding. You should keep your toddler well hydrated and provide them with sunblock as if it were a hot summer day, as well. These things are easily overlooked on a cold winter day, but they are just as important as they are during the summer.

If you follow the above guidelines, you will be able to prepare your toddler for the fun that sledding can bring, while still ensuring their health and safety. They can learn this sport at a very young age and continue to enjoy it the rest of their life.

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