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Snow Sleds for Babies

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Snow Sleds for Babies

Snow Sleds for BabiesWhile it may seem as though a baby would be too young to sled, there are actually ways you can allow your little one to enjoy the winter snow and fun just as the older members of your family do, even if they are too young to walk. Many manufacturers provide you with choices of sleds that can work great for allowing babies to get out there on the slopes with you.

There are many sleds that are made for babies that are made of plastic and are very lightweight (which comes in handy when you are toting the sled and the baby to the hills). These are made to hold the baby in a semi-upright position (about the same position a baby is in a carrier), and they have a lap belt that allows you to strap them in. These actually look very similar to a plastic carrier, but the bottom is modified for optimal gliding.

There are also a variety of other types of baby sleds, including some wooden ones that look similar to a normal toboggan, but have a seat at the back with a belt to buckle baby in. These cost more than the small plastic kind (about 3 or 4 times as much), but they can last a lot longer. The small sleds that are intended solely for babies (these also tend to be the cheaper versions) will often only work for a baby up to 2 years old (or possibly less), while the larger, more expensive sleds can often last your child until they are 4 years old. So, if you are considering buying a snow sled for babies, you should not only compare the price and style, you should also consider how much usage your little one will be able to get out of it.

These baby sleds work great for parents to pull them across the snow, and can provide your baby with an early love of the snow and all its fun. There are a few ways to make sure that your baby is as safe and comfortable as possible, though, and you will want to follow these tips so that you have the best experience you can.

• Be sure that the area you are sledding over is smooth. Your baby will not enjoy an extremely bumpy ride, or quick jerks or stops that might occur if you were to hit a stump or a rock beneath the snow. You should walk the sledding area first to feel what is beneath the snow you will be pulling your baby across, to avoid a bad experience for your baby.

• Make sure your baby is as warm as possible. You should put multiple layers of clothing on your baby, and the outer layer should be water resistant. You can find snow suits in baby sizes at almost any baby clothing store, and you can also find snow boots in nearly any baby size. These outer layers are very important and can keep your baby from getting wet. Mittens and a beanie or other hat that covers the ears are also requirements, and you should put a coat on your baby that has a hood you can tie. Keeping your baby as warm and dry as possible can help make the experience much more fun than it would be if they were miserably cold and wet.

• Use all safety features that are possible. Whatever type of baby sled you purchase or use, you will want to utilize any type of safety features it has. If it has a seat belt, put one on your baby. This can keep your baby from falling over the side. While that probably wouldn’t hurt them, it can still be scary for a baby.

• Always keep an eye on your baby. While sledding, it may be easy to simply pull your baby behind you and not watch them the whole time. But, you should look as often as possible. While sleds are made to not tip over much, it could still happen, and you might not even know. Or your baby could somehow manage to fall or climb out, and you want to notice this as quickly as possible.

• Remember that you are sledding with a baby. This is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby both. Remember that your baby is still very little, and don’t take any risks with your child. Wait until you are alone to try dangerous or steep hills, and keep in mind that this is all very new to your little one. A baby cannot tolerate the cold and wind as long as an adult can, so you should end the day much more quickly when baby is in tow. If your baby hates the cold or doesn’t seem to like sledding, keep in mind that this is still a very young age, and next winter could be totally different.

By following the tips above, you will be able to make your baby’s sledding experience as fun and safe as possible. You might even begin a lifelong love of snow and winter activities.

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