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Snow Pants

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Snow Pants

Snow PantsHeading out to play on the winter playground? Don’t forget your long underwear, turtle neck, fleece sweater, thick socks, insulated winter jacket, soft hat that covers your ears, warm gloves, and snow pants! Seems like you almost need an extra closet to hold all your winter attire!

For people who love to get out and play in the snow, either in the backyard or on the ski slopes, the proper gear can be expensive but you’ll find it’s worth it! The better insulated and comfortably warm you are, the longer you’ll be able to spend out in the cold. It can be expensive to buy the best quality winter attire, so look out for the sales that occur at the end of the season. Then you’ll be set for next year!

When it comes to snow pants, expect to spend at least over a hundred dollars. Technology has improved the snow pants market so far as to make it almost as if you were sitting at home in your living room! Your legs will hardly know the difference in temperature.

Here are the ultimate characteristics in high quality snow pants:

  • Waist adjustments, Velcro or sliding belt with angled belt loops
  • Tricot lining in the wais and seat of the snow pants, soft against your back
  • Conveniently located pockets to keep small items like keys or an ID
  • Vents—for snowboarders, these are best in the middle of the leg area
  • Inner cuff that fits snugly against your snow boots, to keep out the cold and snow
  • Water repellant materials on the outside, but breathable inside

The best lining of snow pants depends a lot on your preferences. Some are lined with fleece, which is soft and warm but may be a little too warm once you get moving. You can find snow pants lined with dry mesh and nylon and other materials for dryness, yet appropriate warmth.

Buy children’s snow pants a little too big, to last an extra year or two. This will also provide room for other pant layers, such as long johns or pajama pants. For the sake of comfort and flexibility, jeans are not the best choice for an underlayer.

You too will want to purchase snow pants a little roomy. Make sure the waist can adjust to the appropriate width, of course, so that they stay on! But for the length of your leg, you will probably want enough room to wear another layer. If you get too warm throughout the day, you can shed the extra layer.

Snow pants come in either an overall style, or with an elastic waist. This issue has a lot to do with personal preference. Many people find it comfortable not to have something digging into their stomach, and to have the extra warmth on the chest. Snow pants as overalls are more difficult to take on and off, though, once you have your big winter jacket over them. If you don’t mind this small inconvenience, then this style may be right for you!

Don’t let your legs freeze out in the snow! Wet jeans aren’t fun. Pick the best snow pants for yourself and your children, and the winter wonderland will consequently hold more wonder!

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