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Snowboarding Wear

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Snowboarding Wear

Snowboarding WearPeople who love the extreme sport of snowboarding know that they must be prepared for extreme weather conditions. Dressing appropriately for the elements will ensure many long-lived hours of fun on the mountaintops this winter. Appropriate snowboarding wear is important for your safety as well as your warmth.

The first thing that you will need for your snowboarding apparel is layers. You will want at least two layers of clothing, but you should wear extra layers in case the weather is extremely cold. You can always take them off as the day heats up. The first layer of clothing you will want is a good pair of long underwear. Match these with a long sleeve shirt and socks. Avoid cotton materials unless you want to be cold and miserable all day. Cotton absorbs water and will make for a wet and uncomfortable day for you should you choose to wear it. Instead opt for clothing made with synthetic polyester or polypropylene materials. The same holds true for your second layer of clothes, avoid cotton altogether. Something like a fleece sweater will serve you well to keep you warm and dry.

For your outer layer of clothing you will need a coat and ski pants. There is a large selection available to you at various stores, so choose something that fits your style but don’t neglect the quality. Choose a jacket and pants that are wind and water resistant. That is the most important characteristic of snowboarding wear if you want to be comfortable while you are having fun. A jacket with a thick lining will add warmth to your outfit and padding too for all of the falls any beginner is sure to have. Choose ski pants that have an inner cuff that you can tuck into your boots while allowing the pant leg to fit over the boot. This will keep the cold and snow out of your boots. Nothing is worse than cold feet all day!

Finish up your snowboarding outfit with some necessary accessories. Heat escapes your body through your head more than any other body part. Protect your warmth with a beanie or helmet. Your hands are particularly susceptible to the elements, so you will want to protect them with a good pair of gloves or mittens. For the most effectiveness, choose a pair that tuck over or under your jacket cuff. Of course, you will also want a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the wind and sun.

Perhaps one of the most important items, and most forgotten, in snowboarding wear is sunscreen. While you are up there having loads of fun on the mountain, you may not even be aware of the damage that the sun is doing to your skin. Sunscreen is not only meant for the summer. In fact the snow makes the effects of the sun worse than any hot summer day. It doubles it. The sun reflects off of the snow giving you a double dose of its harmful rays. If you forget the sunscreen, the memories of fun times on the mountain are likely to be haunted by a painful, blistery sunburn.

Dress for success when you plan on playing on the mountains this winter and you are sure to have a memorable time. Snowboarding wear can be fun, cool and even hip but first and foremost it should protect you from the elements. Remember this when you shop and you will enjoy many snow days on your trusty board!


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