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SnowballsNothing beats a good old fashioned snowball fight for winter fun. Kids enjoy making snowballs as much as they enjoy throwing them and even being hit with them. It is the equivalent of a water balloon fight in the summer.

A fun twist on the snowball fight can be found in the challenging game of snowball warfare. In this fun winter game teams use warfare strategies to attack or defend a snow fort.

The larger the group is the more fun to be had. The first step is dividing the group into two teams. One team defends the snow fort, while the other attacks it. Each team uses different colored flags to represent them. The goal is to defeat the other team by obtaining their flag.

The attacking team must get to the flag of the defending team and replace it with their own. This signifies a defeat of the snow fort and a battle win for the attackers. The defending team, on the other hand, must defend their flag at all costs and can hasten their victory by obtaining the attackers flag and bringing it to their own fortifications. Such brave actions will bring the battle to a halt with a victory for the defenders.

The battle between the attackers and the defenders is fought with the use of snowballs. The soldiers of this game attempt to obtain their goal by taking down their opponents with snowballs. Getting hit with one will result in your becoming a prisoner of war. POWs cannot be forced to fight against their own team, but can be used to help make snowballs for battle. Players can use shields to defend themselves.

This fun and exciting game is a game of strategy and wit. It can be played for hours on end or for as long as the kids can endure the elements. There are some safety rules that should always be in place, though. Players should never be allowed to use water-soaked or icy snowballs. Snowballs are the only method of battle. Physical combat of any sort should never be allowed. Snowball warfare is meant to be fun and invigorating and should never cause injury or harm to the players.

With safety rules in mind, and armed with a trusty shield and hefty snowball in hand, your little soldier will be ready for an engaging and invigorating game of snowball warfare. This exciting game will forever change the way your child views a snowball fight and is sure to be the highlight of every winter season.


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