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Hammerhead SledBUY NOW!

Hammerhead Sled

Hammerhead Sled - What Sledding is All About

Always check your HAMMERHEAD before heading out. Make sure that:
•There are no loose or missing parts or accessories.
•The seat is in good condition and firmly attached.
•The steering head flexes normally and is not loose.
•The skis and runners are firmly attached and undamaged.
•Check under the flexible rubber boot at the top of the front ski to make sure bolts are tight.


Start with a good snowy hill and some gravity. The HAMMERHEAD does the rest!
You can ride head-first or feet-first. Head-first provides a thrilling ride that is also very controlled, because you use your arms to steer and your center of gravity is very low. Feet-first (sitting) gives you a better view over crests and gives some people a safer feeling.

Important! If you’re riding at a ski area or crowded hill, you must use a safety leash to keep the sled from unmanned descent down the hill or
off the lift. Make sure you have a good connection to the sled frame and your leg before riding it or riding on the chair lift.

Sled in a controlled manner! There are only slow ways to stop a sled!
Generally sleds do not brake by nature, and they only come to a controlled stop by turning as with a snowboard, or by applying your feet as brakes.
To slow and stop the HAMMERHEAD steer hard to one side and the rear should skid out (this works best with the powder skis) or turn up the hill
against gravity. To slow more gradually, try using gentle slalom turns. The sled will lose speed as the skis carve the turn. Sharper turns will slow
the sled faster. If you’re riding head-first or feet first, you can drag your feet to slow down. Bail out if that’s the only way to avoid a crash!

Turning - Just like steering a bike!
Turning is one of the easiest things to do on a HAMMERHEAD sled. The patent pending HAMMERHEAD steering utilizes stainless steel leaf
springs, giving great response with a tuned feel.
Place your feet (or hands, if headfirst) on the grips on the steering arms. Apply forward pressure to the arm opposite the turn and backward
pressure to the arm toward the turn.

You’ll need to carry your HAMMERHEAD up the hill to get down (unless you’re at a ski area). The HAMMERHEAD is very light and balanced so
that you can carry it with one hand about two-thirds of the way toward the front. There are many ways to hand-carry the sled that work great.
In addition, you can attach it to the HAMMERHEAD SPACK PAK, or use the HAMMERHEAD sled carry bag, available as accessories.

The rear skis can be swapped out for optimum performance. The HAMMERHEAD comes with general-purpose (GP) skis designed to handle
anything from super hard pack to about three or four inches of powder or loose granular. Use the GP skis for most snow conditions—especially
on a hard base like a ski area or sledding hill.
Swap them for the powder skis (available as accessories) if you’ll be riding in more than 4" of snow. You’ll find that the powder skis can be spun out (or in car talk, over-steered) because they ride a bit higher and have less tracking than the GP skis.


Recommended age: 10 and older

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