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All American ToboggansBuy An All American Toboggan

Possibly the Finest Toboggans in AmericaAn All American Toboggan

Made from Ash Hardwood Grown in the Heartland of America & Shaped by an American Craftsman

This American made toboggan is crafted by hand at the time of order by a master craftsman in the heart of America. If you are looking for something different, something unique perhaps even something beautiful, this hand-crafted toboggan will satisfy even the pickiest of shoppers. These wooden toboggans have been in production since 1953 with their proprietary craft secrets passed from master craftsman to master craftsman. Every step is overseen from sourcing the Ash hardwood locally to individually steaming the timbers for each sled. This is quality that cannot be outsourced.

Choosing select Ash hardwood from the forests of Wisconsin is one of the first things that sets these sleds apart. Ash wood is most known for its use sporting goods such as baseball bats. Utilising a proprietary method of steaming and bending the Northern Minnesota hardwoods, our master craftsman, Dave, utilizes those same properties to create a line of true masterpieces.

Dave is an accomplished American wood craftsman and master cabinet maker with over twenty years of experience. He learned the specialized technique of steam bending the Ash hardwood directly from the company's founder. Dave prides himself that each toboggan is extremely functional & durable. When the sled experts at got a glimpse of these wooden toboggans we were stopped in our snowshoes at the artistry!

His designs are a throwback to your grandparents' time. The top of the line, Big Chief, boasts a tight curl at the front and three “runners” underneath.  The outer board and the one in the center are a little thicker than the rest of the boards making the Toboggan track better. Then the wood undergoes a gentle and time consuming process to bend the wood and make the front curl typical of the toboggan.  The cross braces are added and the multicoat urethane finish applied.  The final touch is the addition of a full length 3/8" high strength rope to hold onto on the downhill slopes. Ash is a great craft wood. Other woods maybe stronger, but Ash has the best overall strength to weight ratio. While it is tough, its still very elastic, with high shock resistance making it the perfect choice for Toboggans. So when you chose your All American Toboggan for the hill, you know you have selected a sled with stable and robust construction!



WARNING: All sports carry a risk of injury. Please ride responsibly. Usually there are ways to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. We recommend always wearing protective gear including helmets and goggles. As with any sports equipment, you should inspect your sled before every session. Make sure all bolts are tight and the skis are seated properly. Examine the frame for cracks or stress lines. on any new equipment or terrain, take it easy to start. Get to know the limits of your machine before you hit it hard so you can live to sled another day!


Recommended age: All ages (children supervised by an adult)

Questions or comments? Contact our Customer Service: 1-877.773.8242


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