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Airboard Junior Classic 50 (for Kids)
Airboard Junior Classic 50 (for Kids)
List Price: $170.00
Sale Price: Not Available at this Time


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Detailed Description

Airboard Junior Classic 50 (for Kids) -

SPEED, SPEED, AND MORE SPEED! AND, LET'S NOT FORGET HITTING HUGE AIR! It's for the serious sledding experience. This is not your normal inflatable - it has steering capabilities and high quality materials to last a lifetime. This is the sled you want to buy if you plan on doing one or more of 3 things:

1. Going to select ski resorts that have been approved for airboards. Hit the lift and have the thrill ride down of a lifetime! (Click on the Slopes tab for more information.)

2. Snowshoe into backcountry and race your friends to the bottom, dodging any obstacle in sight.

3. Head out to Terrain parks and hit some huge air!

  • Airboard Classic 50 offers a great slalom style ride.
  • Fast and easy turning. 32 x 18 x 6 and is 3.5 lbs.
  • For serious sliding in backcountry, on the ski slopes and terrain parks.
  • For complete information, instructions, video and more visit:airboards.html (or click on our High Performance section.)
  • The tapered aerodynamic shape is quick edge for tight turns.
  • Three sets of low profile runners track the full length of the board, providing stability at speed, turning and stopping.
  • C-Tec fabric that is extremely durable, reinforced, non-stretch, coated fabric created a stable high performing chassis.
  • This is no squishy innertube.
  • I-Beam RF Welds - Patented feature puts the board in Airboard.
  • The stable chassis is what allows your weight shifts to control speed and direction.
  • Pneumatic Design - Sturdy air-chamber provides built in shock absorption for bumpy snow and softer landings.
  • Airboard inflates in less than 3 minutes with its own hand pump.
  • Includes: Bag, Repair kit, Hand Pump, and Hand Leash
  • CLASSIC 50 IS FOR CHILDREN 3' 6" TO 4' 10"
  • CLASSIC 130 IS FOR RIDERS 4' 08" TO 6' 5"

Usually ships within 2 business days.

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