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2 Person Sleds

Hop on one of our 2 person sleds for a downhill ride with your sweetheart, family member or friend! Winter fun is always better when you share with someone you love. Our 2 person sleds are built to withstand the most extreme coasting, and designed for a safe landing at the bottom. Take some time to enjoy the snow, beyond the sidewalk shoveling and windshield scraping! Children and adults alike will love plowing down the hills in our 2 person sleds.

2 Person Sleds



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2 Person Sleds









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Runner Sleds
Runner sleds are an old fashioned form of winter fun. The sturdy, durable steel frame coupled with the wood sled offer snowy downhill fun for hours on end. For the best steering, look for a sled that has a 2-piece nose. For the best tracking, look for a sled with grooved runners. Steel bumpers add even more durability to these well built winter toys.

Inflatable Tube Pump
Don’t waste your breath trying to blow up an inflatable snow tube. An inflatable tube pump will make the job much easier. Battery and electricity operated pumps make inflating tubes easy and fast. With these wonderful tools, you can be enjoying the fresh powder in no time!

Snow Goggles
Snow goggles will make an enjoyable activity more enjoyable and comfortable. The sun reflects off the snow right back into your eyes, making for a painful and uncomfortable experience. Goggles are made in sizes to fit small children and adults alike. They can be used while skiing, snowboarding and even sledding.

Snow Helmet
Protect your most vulnerable body part while skiing with a snow helmet. This important safety gear is waterproof and roomy enough to wear over your beanie. Just make sure that it is not too roomy. It should fit snug over anything that you normally wear on your head to keep warm, such as beanies or ear muffs. Helmets should also be used while snowboarding and sledding. They are available in child and adult sizes.

Sledding Helmets
Studies show that 7,000 sledders go to the emergency room every year with head injuries. Doctors believe that many of these injuries could be avoided by the use of simple sledding helmets. They are highly recommended for children under the age of 12. Waterproof helmets are great but bike helmets work well and are definitely better than nothing.

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